• MONLOE is funded by the French National Research Agency and LABOREM by the Biblissima Project (Bibliotheca bibliothecarum novissima), developed through the French government programme Équipements d'excellence, part of the Investissements d'avenir.

    •  MONLOE Project 'Montaigne at work'
      "Montaigne à l'œuvre"
      Programme CORPUS 2012

    •  LABOREM Project 'La Boétie and Montaigne: private libraries of Aquitaine'
      "La Boétie et Montaigne : bibliothèques privées en Aquitaine"

Scientific board

  • Head of the project

    • Marie-Luce Demonet
    • Professor (CESR, IUF) and Director of the MSH Val de Loire
      Head of the Virtual Humanistic Libraries
  • Scientific contributors

    •  Alain LEGROS
      Research associate (CESR)

    •  Jean CÉARD
      Professor emeritus (Sorbonne)

    •  Mireille HABERT
      Associate professor (University of Reunion Island)

Project team

  • Project management

    •  Sandrine BREUIL
      Engineer (CESR - BVH)
      Project manager of the Virtual Humanistic Libraries

    •  Myriam OLIVIER
      Engineer assistant (CESR - BVH)
      MONLOE Project manager

  • Bibliographical description and edition

    •  Toshinori UETANI
      CNRS Research engineer (CESR - BVH)

    •  Rémi JIMENES
      Engineer, Ph. D. candidate (CESR - BVH)

  • Electronic edition, TEI encoding & data processing

    •    Elise GAUTHIER
        Engineer, Ph. D. candidate (CESR - BVH)

    •    Lauranne BERTRAND
        Engineer (CESR - BVH)

    •    Myriam OLIVIER
        Engineer assistant (CESR - BVH)

  • Technical implementation

    •    Jean-Philippe CORBELLINI
        CNRS Multimedia technician (MSH Val de Loire)

    •    Sébastien BUSSON
        CNRS Engineer (CESR - Imaging services)

Cooperation partners

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Technology transfer

  • 3D reconstruction

  • Sound recording

  • Contact: Myriam Olivier - Project manager
    Last update: June 2014